Frequently asked questions

What pre- requisites do I need to become a Broadway Boogie Instructor?

To become a Broadway Boogie instructor you are not required to have any pre requisites but we do encourage instructors to further widen their learning experience within the fitness industry You will also require appropriate insurance and a music license

Is there a course assessment?

You will be assessed on your teaching skills at the end of the instructor training by taking the grop through part of a class track. You musy demonstrate safe and effective technique while working to the beat. At the end of the day you will be awarded either a pass or a referral. If a referral is required the master trainer will speak to you and discuss the areas required to improve and we will offer you the support to help you pass. A referral may result in attending another training day

Is there a license fee for Broadway Boogie?

Yes we have a monthly company membership which allows you to gain access to your backstage benefits. You will require this membership to teach your classes as we provide all the choreography for your classes. You will receive new choreographed tracks every month (You may only use official Broadway Boogie choreography in your classes) Gain access to choreography on demand and step by step videos Warm up an cool down choreography Bonus seasonal tracks Marketing materials Official branding and logos will be available only to company members If you are not a member of the company you will be required to repeat your Broadway Boogie 1 day training course again within 1 year as your qualification will be revoked

What is the age limit for a Broadway Boogie class?

Minimum age is 16 years Broadway Boogie Babies is a class coming soon for the younger audience

Can I live stream or record my classes?

Yes for online teaching purposes with the correct licenses in place. Each advertising piece of footage must be no longer than 20seconds and may only amount to a maximum of a 45second video on social media

Do you need any equipment for a Broadway Boogie class?

No! Its a really affordable class to set up. Props may be used for some tracks and promotion but must not be made a necessary part of the class

Do you offer online instructor training?

Yes we offer a full online on demand training that you can take anytime anyday from anywhere in the world.